Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Hello Lovelies!

As much as I love shopping and bragging about beauty and skincare products, I am also a fashion lover and dont you agree that the two just work hand in hand? I love shopping on the high street and online too! 

Sometimes we dont always get to shop in person due to hectic work and life schedules so thats where online shopping comes and today look no further because I bring you

Mallzee is all about making shopping social. Users create their own online mall (Mallzee) by  picking their favourite brands and stores. Our fancy technology then finds products suited to their tastes to showcase. Once they have built their Mallzee they are then able to invite their friends to shop with them, talk about products in chat, promote their Mallzee or brand choices on Facebook/Twitter and thanks to our group buying power receive some great discounts for their friends. 

Plus as an added bonus - the user who built the Mallzee gets paid whenever they or their friends buy anything via it.

The site will be live later this year and we already have 200 amazing companies on board (Urban Outfitters, New Look, French Connections and more). We are really keen to get the word out about Mallzee. With this in mind people can register now for a launch invite at and if they spread the word on Facebook of Twitter we will also enter them into a prize for £100/$155 of shopping vouchers and some other goodies. 

I suggest you go  Head to and enter your email to register for your invite as I for one did the same. 

If thats not exciting enough for you I dont know what is!


  1. This is such a cool idea, especially for a girl like me who loves shopping online.

  2. sounds interesting!! I'm gonna check it out.. ^_^

  3. Thanks for sharing...

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