Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunshine blog award

Hello lovelies,I was nominated by my beautiful,gorgeous&talented friend Sha' of to receive a Sunshine Award and I am very happy, thankful&honoured to receive the nomination so I am passing it on to all my lovelies who deserve it.

Some have been very supportive
Some inspire me everyday with your styles,I cannot go a day without u my lovelies. In fact I love each&every one of I nominate:

Mz.More of she is beautiful,talented& I love love her makeup looks,fashion stlyles and everything she does on her blog

Tanya of she is a beautiful&lovely her fashion styles&she is very supportive of my blog

Jasmine of she is beautiful,love her make up&outfits of the day

April of she is beautiful&talentedI love her fierce makeup
skills&nails of the day..

Uma Preve of she is beautiful&talented love her make up skills&she is very supportive of my blog

Sabrina of she is beautiful&talented love love her makeup looks,her skills are fierce

rmcandlelight of she is beautiful& love all her blogs especially the make up&nail blogs..Her nail skills are fierce,she is supportive of my blog

Kearea' of she is beautiful,fun&creative with make up

Tina of she is beautiful,lovely&talented. She inspires me each day with her fierce skills,love love her blog

My beautiful gorgeous lovely friend&sister. She inspires me everyday with her make up looks&cooking recipes..I love love her 2blogs to bits..

Anywho please feel free to continue passing on some love to your fellow bloggers,if you up for it...

Much love....Xoxo Sharon

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