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Holy Land Cosmetics

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Back in November I was contacted by a Business Reflextion PR representative asking me if I wanted to try their products. First thing I thought was I had never heard of the company before but being a beauty blogger I am always happy to try new things in the market. I took about a week researching about the company before I accepted the offer. The representative told me to choose products I wanted to try so the line I originally wanted to try based on my own skincare needs was not available at that time so they sent me other products instead.

Here is the Brands Mission
The Holy Land brand is used worldwide by leading dermatologists,medical aestheticians and beauty therapists to provide result-oriented treatments for all skin types and aesthetic problems. The effectiveness of our products,along with the ability to combine formulations fromdifferent product lines,enable experts to provide non invasive treatments for an extensive  variety of conditions and tailor skincare regimens according to their clients' needs with signaificant,visible results

Here are some of the things  they offer
. Anti Aging Cosmeceuticals
. Eye Contour Treatment
. Acne skincare
. Skincare brightening
. Dry skincare
. Oily skincare
. Whitening
. Sunbrella
. Body treatment& various

I was sent several samples to try but will only talk about the ones I have used

ProBiotic 3 in 1 Soap,Cleanser and Toner
This is from the ProBiotic Range and claims to remove environmental debris and makeup without drying or irritating the skin leaving it feeling refreshed. This cleanser felt so soft when I I applied it on my face. I used it to cleanse my face for 3days,my skin felt clean and moisturised. It did have a very faint fragrance but you can barely smell it. I wouldnt know if it removes makeup because I didnt have enough samples to try taking off the makeup. I must say that it did not irritate my sensitive dry to combination skin. Overall It did cleanse my face and I was pleased with the results I would buy this cleanser and recommend to all to try it

Renew Formula Hydro Soft
This is from the Renew Formula its a lightweight moisturiser,easily absorbed without leaving an oily sheen on the skin. I used this moisturiser for a couple of days. It left my skin hydrated and looking smooth. With continued use you are bound to have a younger looking complexion. I really loved using this moisturiser I would buy it again and recommend everyone looking for a great everyday moisturizer to try it

C the Success Vitamin C Cream
This is from the C the Success Range it fights free radical damage and improves skintone and texture, Vitamin C success cream is a hydrating cream that protects against sun damage,improves pigmentation problems and is a key co factor in the production of collagen. It is ideal for all skin types. Having used this cream for about 4days my skin looked brighter and felt very smooth. It left my skin moisturised without being greasy. I really loved the texture of this cream,would buy it and recommend to all those who want radiant skin

If you get a chance please visit their  website here or to check what they offer and prices of products. They have a salon in Bristol namely Clifton Forever young where you can pop in. At the salon they offer beauty treatments,body treatments,Botox,Natural Peels and Semi Permanent makeup and will help you choose the right skincare regimen

Disclaimer: These samples were sent to me by a PR representative and that has not affected my opinion. I was not paid to do this review my opinions are 100% genuine and honest

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  1. I have never heard of this brand! They seem to be good products though. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. great review, i have never heard of this brand before now i will be looking out for it

  3. I've wanted to try a vitamin C cream out. They seem to have some nice products.

  4. Thanks for the tips dear! I've been lookin for a good cream for my mothers wrinkles, do you know any good brand that sells in sweden? ♥ XOXO

  5. Your posts are very informative, your layout is amazing. Great blog you have here.

  6. Thanks hunn for the sweet comment.. these sound great.. xx

  7. Thank u so much for your comments ladies x


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