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Nails of the Week: Revlon's Emerald City

Hello Sweeties!

How have y'all been? Sorry for been M.I.A the past couple days,I have been feeling rather unwell with migraine and it was affecting my sight but fear not,Im better now and ready to read your posts which I have truly missed and bring you more posts....;

Today I bring you a nail polish I was rocking the past week from Revlon namely Emerald City#032 which is a matte finish. I applied a nail base coat and 2coats of Emerald City. The polish dried pretty fast but it did start chipping after 3days well I suppose thus coz its a Matte finish

Enuff chat onto the pics!

I have been wearing this Owl ring all month,am obsessed with it,bought it from Internacionale for £3.99


Have a wonderful day Stay Beautiful&Blessed Much Love xoxo

The Body Shop Skincare Essentials

Hello Lovelies!

I really love Body Shop products,Not only do they have amazing body butters and scrubs but they have Great skincare ranges to suit everyone. Now as some of you may know I have dry/sensitive skin, My face usually gets irritated with scents in skincare.

I thought I would share some of my facial products that I really love and are part of my skincare routine as of now.

Excuse the crappy picture,used my phone as I couldn't find my camera!!!!!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Serum £10.00 With it being winter my skin needs extra moisture as its already dry. The Body shop's Vitamin E serum is very lightweight,absorbs quickly and is non greasy. It leaves my dry/sensitive skin hydrated. There is no heavy scent. This serum is best used with a moisturiser  either mix with moisturiser or apply after toning just before moisturiser like I normally do.The serum goes on smoothly and doesnt clog pores. The packaging is great and comes with a fitted pump which is hygenic in my opinio…

NYX Round Lipstick Swatches and Review!

 Hello My Lovelies!

First off let me just say I'm stunned to say the least WHITNEY HOUSTON IS DEAD! Wow how did this happen,we didnt see this coming did we. Death is so unpredictable and it really is sad. We have lost a well talented Star. It just goes to show that life is too short my darlings we should be thankful for each day that we live. We should love each other more and make the best of everyday that comes our way. I haven't got much words to say as I am tongue tied. May Whitney forever rest in peace. My heart goes to her family and friends. She will forever remain in our hearts and of cause we will always love her too.

Todays post we are talking about some of my favourite lipsticks. Growing up I was a lipgloss lover but that has now changed I have learnt to love lipstick more. Its one of those things that I cant live without anymore.

NYX lipsticks are fantastic,not only are they creamy and moisturising but they are so easy to apply. They are affordable,have great colour p…

Habibi Organic Vanilla&Jasmine Body Balm

                                      Hello My Lovelies!

One of the things I love about blogging is that you get to enter exciting competitions and giveaways. Gives us all a chance to try new products,products on our wishlists and etc. Just after Christmas I won Shahada's giveaway. I was super excited to have won a body balm. Shahada has a wonderful blog,she is personally one of my fave bloggers does a lot of  beautiful FOTD's,Product swatches& and holds amazing Giveaways every now and again. She has 2blogs one for makeup and the other for Bath and Body and Skincare!


ORGANIC VANILLA&KASMINE BODY BALM Indian Jasmine is blended with Tahitian Vanilla and Vanilla Bean, to create this intoxicating fragrance. Its blended with our Ultra emolient body balm formula to leave you soft and scented from Head to Toe

DIRECTIONS Apply anywhere on the body in need of moisture Not for use on face!

INGREDIENTS Organic Raw Shea Butter Organic …

4 February: Happy Birthday to Me !

Hello Lovelies!

So today is my birthday, I thank the Lord for making me see another year of life!

I dont know as to what I will be doing as yet have left that to my loved ones I will be sure to update u guys in a few days

Have a great weekend Stay Beautiful&Blessed Much Love xoxo

Mini NYX haul

Hello Lovelies!

I ordered a few things by NYX from I love  NYX lipglosses  and lipsticks they are of great quality and so affordable!

NYX lipstick in Terra Cotta on the left NYX lipstick in Raisin on the Right
NYX round lipgloss in Strawberry NYX round lipgloss in Queen of Africa NYX round lipgloss in Doll Pink
NYX Round Lipglosses in Strawberry,Queen of Africa and Doll Pink (with flash)

Have you got any of these lip products Have you tried NYX lip products before What have you bought this week?????

Have a wonderful day Lovelies Stay Beautiful&Blessed Much Love xoxo