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Ruby Slippers

Hello my lovelies,How r y'all???I hope you all doing well. Anyhoo just a quick post to share my Nails of the day/week with you guys. This is Avon Nailwear Pro in Ruby slippers and it costs £6.00You can order this colour through Ebay,Avon representatives or over Avon's website

Ruby slippers is such a pretty bright red/ruby colour which has fine gold glitter and a shiny creme finish. As the colour is highly pigmented you need just one coat with a base though I prefer two to get full impact of the glitter. This nail polish dries quickly within 5mins but if you want a second coat it will take a bit longer to dry.

NB*The colour is a bright gorgeous red but in light it reflects like orangish adding the fact that it has glitter as well.

I normally  tend to shy away from everything red but I love this nail polish&if Christmas had a nail polish I think this would be it lol

I put Rimmel London base coat before Ruby slippers

For me personally I have always found Avons products to be a hit…

Nails Inc Nail polish in Hampstead Heath

There is nothing more I love than getting a freebie with one of your fave magazines provided its good quality. This month Glamour Magazine are giving away a free Nails Inc polish in four different shades/colours. with the December issue so to my UK ladies hurry&grab these whilst u still can The other 3shades havent appealed that much to me but u never know tomorrow I may go&grab them all as I really love this nail polish.

NB: The Elle Magazine is also coming with a free Clinique lip gloss so Yay!!!! to another freebie(xmas has come early for us lol)

Hampstead Heathis a deep red nail polish with plum undertones,its very vampy!!!! Its 10ml and the RRP is£11.00

I do like the colour I normally dont settle for reds but this one I just had to have it lol. Its bright, pretty and quite thick which is one of the reasons Im loving it.I dont like watery nail polish.

Hampstead Heathwent on quite easily dried in a flash&I applied one coat with a Collection2000 2 in 1 base coat

I will defi…

Requested Review of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

Hello lovelies,Just a quick post to review Maybelline The Falsies Mascara which was  requested by the beautiful,lovely&gorgeous 1xellus1 of

This Mascara promises that your eyelashes will have that false eyelash look because its supposed to give you volume.

This is a mascara you cannot apply in a rush,It's quite thick and has little fibre things to help build length. If you take time to apply this mascara you should have a good result.

However,I must say  my eyelashes are medium length and  naturally curled upwards so this works/worked for me.I have had tested this Mascara over a period of 3+ months

The mascara comes with a slightly curved wand a bit flat on the other side which allows you to coat every lash

Achieves promised volume
Gives a little extra length
Holds curl of your eyelashes for a long time(for me last all as I dont have watery eyes)
Affordable mascara from a drugstore brand (cheaper dupe of Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara -in my own opinion)


NOTW:Do u fancy Berry Ice cream???????

Hello lovelies,How r y'all???I hope I find u well. Im doing ok myself just a quick post to share my Nails of the Week with u guys. Its Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Ice Cream
(it's a pale lavender/lilac colour I love love it

I hope you likey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo thus all for today lovelies.

I hope u enjoy e rest of your day&have a fabulous weekend too with ur family&friends

Take care,Stay beautiful&Blessed

Lotsa love Sharon

3 lovely blog Awards Yay!!!!!

Im very honoured&super excited to have been given this award by 3fabulous ladies 
April of

Ms.Priscilla of

and Rakhshanda of  These ladies all have wonderful blogs,you should check them out,love love them to bits!!!!Thanx for even considering my blog to be lovely !!! I really appreciate ur support&thoughts

I am passing on this Lovely Blog Award to ladies who deserve it. I absolutely love all your blogs. U inspire me everyday,u r all so fun,creative&supportive. Love you guys,U make blogging so much fun!!!!

This is in No particular order!!!!!!!!!

Tanya of

The lovely&gorgeous lady of

KayKay of

Sabrina of

Veronica of

Traycee of

rmcandlelight of http://…

Sleek Cosmetics&K by Beverley Knight small Haul

Happy Sunday to u lovelies,Howz ur wknd so far,I hope y'all well. Im doing ok and thought of sharing things I hauled last week. Its nothing much  but I hope you likey.

I bought the 2Sleek Eyeshadow palettes that were released on Wednesday 27th of October in e UK,2 recently released Sleek shimmer blushes wasnt feeln the third one so didnt buy,1Sleek True colour lipstick in Amethyst and 2blushes from K by Beverley Knight  range.


Spring Green

Hello Hello my lovelies. How r y'all??? Im happy to be back to normal blogging as some of u knw I have been so unwell past few days,I had a terrible cold,sore throat,cold sweat&feverishness it was just awful but Thank God Im so much better today that I decided to do a post for u guys. Thank you to the pple who wished me Get well soon,it worked I guess LMAO!!!Its just a NOTW basically for today,will do FOTD tomorrow  and a Haul post after that probably over the weekend.

I am sorry I havent been 100% attentive to all yur blogs but hopefully will catchup on everything I missed on in the next few days.

Now when it comes to Nail polish some pple apply it according to seasons ie Summer,Autumn,Winter&Spring but Oh well I aint one of those pple so I paint my nails in whatever colour doesnt matter whether its raining,storming,I just apply ehatever colour I fancy for that week I dont limit myself becoz of weather lol. The colour I chose is Spring Green Nail Paint by Barry lov…

Sunshine blog award

Hello lovelies,I was nominated by my beautiful,gorgeous&talented friend Sha' of to receive a Sunshine Award and I am very happy, thankful&honoured to receive the nomination so I am passing it on to all my lovelies who deserve it.

Some have been very supportive Some inspire me everyday with your styles,I cannot go a day without u my lovelies. In fact I love each&every one of I nominate:

Mz.More of she is beautiful,talented& I love love her makeup looks,fashion stlyles and everything she does on her blog

Tanya of she is a beautiful&lovely her fashion styles&she is very supportive of my blog

Jasmine of she is beautiful,love her make up&outfits of the day

April of she is beautiful&talentedI love her fierce makeup skills&nails of the day..

Uma Preve of http://uma…