Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sleek Cosmetics&K by Beverley Knight small Haul

Happy Sunday to u lovelies,Howz ur wknd so far,I hope y'all well. Im doing ok and thought of sharing things I hauled last week. Its nothing much  but I hope you likey.

I bought the 2Sleek Eyeshadow palettes that were released on Wednesday 27th of October in e UK,2 recently released Sleek shimmer blushes wasnt feeln the third one so didnt buy,1Sleek True colour lipstick in Amethyst and 2blushes from K by Beverley Knight  range.

Left is Sleek Good Girl palette £5.99 from Superdrug (love it)Unfortunately its Limited Edition so hurry&grab it if u like pink&coral eyeshadows.
Right is Sleek Bad Girl palette also £5.99 from Superdrug which is an addition to the Sleek  permanent collection(perfect for Winter I guess)I am awful at using dark colours like these but Imma try&rock it

From left Sleek Shimmer blush in Rose Gold£3.99 from Superdrug its a pretty-pink peach colour(Apparently from all e  research I have done&swatches this is a great  dupe to Nars Orgasm blush which retails for £19.50) Now thus a big plus saving Yay!!! 
Right is Sleek  blush in Pomegranate also £3.99 rom Superdrug its a  shimmery blush with burgundy undertones,a lovely deep rasberry with pink and gold reflects

From left K by Beverley Knight  Contouring blush in Fuchsia its a pretty barbie pink that has blue/purple undertone(love it) Left is K by Beverley Knight Contouring blush in Flame which is a dep warm,amber,infused with sparse gold sparkles. They both last quite a while&at the moment they are on sale for £6 each from K by Beverley Knight Cosmetics website The Normal price for these is £14each now so instead of paying £28 I paid £12 Yay!!!!                                                        We love bargains&sales Dont we lol!!!

Sleek true colour lipstick in Amethyst £3.69 from Superdrug this is so pretty,Its a pinky-purple lipstick dont have anythn like it in my collection.

Errrrrr  Sorry guys for poor swatches,aint good at taking pics at all,Never read my camera manual fully forgive me but I hope u can get a rough idea lol

From left Sleek Pomegranate blush,Sleek Rose Gold blush,K By Beverley Knight blush in Fuchsia,K by Beverley Knight blush in Flame&Sleek Amethyst lipstick

I will do looks with these products soon but if you have any requests please feel free to ask.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.'

Take care,Stay beautiful&Blessed

Much love


  1. Hey great haul!! I really wanna try out Sleek bad girl palette...wish it was here in India or someone would just send me this he he!! (Stupid dream). Anyways, like the lippie too.

  2. sleek needs to come to america asap. those colors are gorgeous and pigmented. cant wait to see some looks with it

  3. I am getting the sleek palette when I am there in London tomorrow. I am so excited! Thank for sharing the swatches dear. Very helpful.

  4. Great stash, it's nice to read about stores that I can actually go to to find these products :D

    I didn't know Beverly Knight had make-up. Nice post :D

  5. What a great haul! I LOVE that lipstick! What a beautiful color!

  6. i love the two sleek palettes, so pretty :)

    xoxo Christine

  7. @Rakhshanda thanx hun,I could grab it for u&send it since its permanent addition lol

    @KayKay U need Sleek in the US just like we need NYX sweetie,looks coming up soon

    @Uma u welcum dear,Yay cant wait to welcome u lol,whch of the Sleek palette are u after????

    @Eve thanx hun,yes Bev's range was launched Sep/Oct 2009 unfortunately didnt sell well&its being discontinued

    @The Peach thanx for visiting&commenting lol love e lippy as well

    @Christine aww sweetie I love them too thanx for commenting

  8. snow is beautiful, im so happy we have that here in Norway. But it gets soooo cold outside haha :)

    xoxo Christine

  9. Wow, nice nice haul. I love those palettes!!

  10. great colours! can't wait to see them on you! i am sure you will be very creative one more time!!!!:D


  11. Loads of nice makeup. I love the blush collection - what colours! Have a nice week!;-)

  12. These swatches are great. I can't wait to see them on you; especially rose gold.

  13. envy ! great stuff u got
    lucky u <3 enjoy em .

  14. lovely "small" haul lol...can't wait for the makeup idea you come out with:)

  15. lovely colors. :O) thanks for swatching & sharing

  16. i will be doing some research about the mac cream :)

    xoxo Christine

  17. i have heard so much about sleek..i really should try it

  18. I'm loving the pinky purple lipstick, i should try it :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  19. @Tinuke thanx hun

    @VeRo! thanx hun willl try and be creative lol

    @Fashion, Art and other fancies thanx hun

    @Me Myself and Makeup thanx hun,will try and do a look 2mr

    @Princess Feef thanx hun

    @Vyile thanx hun,will defo come up with somethn

    @Sha thanx darling&u welcome lol

    @Christine goodluck with that sweetie

    @Chic Therapy thanx for visiting,yeah u should try it lol

    @StylisHedForeVer its pretty hun,u need to try it lol

  20. i wish sleek was sold in the us. gorgeous shades! that purple lipstick is my cup of tea lol

  21. @Kearea' I know Doll just like we wish NYX was in e UK LMAO!!!

  22. Amethyst lipstick looks almost exactly like MAC's Violetta and NYX's black label lippie in Orchid. Hmmm, I don't know if I'm good enough to get that Good Girl palette ;o)

  23. @Elizabeth u welcome!

    @aceyourface thanx hun!


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