Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Empties Part 1

Hello Lovelies!

How have y'all been?

I have just realised I have never done an Empties post before.I love seeing posts and videos from fellow bloggers and youtubers  about products they have finished. I think its such a fun thing to do since we always show what we have bought why not show off the products that we have loved and finished? In most cases I tend to pass on products that I dislike and dont work for me to family&friends. Anyways I already have 5 empties posts lined up for you guys, I decided to split them so that I dont overwhelm you with one post lol

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream for Normal/ Dry Skin
Ensure that your skin feels supple and hydrated with the Clarins Daily Energizer Cream, a radiance-boosting cream for dry to normal skin.This luxurious, thick formulation is ideal for those with drier skin types, delivering targeted and intense hydration to the complexion. Skin if left feeling exceptionally soft and supple, and perfectly prepped for makeup application.With its energising dose of Vitamin C and Alchemilla, minor imperfections are reduced and skin is more even and perfected. Microcirculation in the face is boosted, making for a glowing complexion.Apply to the face and neck following an application of the Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster in the morning, and after cleansing in the evening. Recommended for women in their 20's

Ingredients: Vitamin C, Alchemilla, and Turmeric Extracts reduce minor imperfections and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract which boosts microcirculation

*Winner of Best Everyday Moisturiser- Red Best of Beauty Awards 2012

*Winner of Best Day Cream- Elle Beauty Awards 2011

- I tend to go for all products that claim to energize,brighten or give some sort of glow. I have been using this Clarins Daily Energizer  cream on/off for 3years and I love it. I always try other moisturisers but always come back. The smell is quite lovely and refreshing something apricot/citrus like I cant quite figure it ha!.. It makes my skin soft and hydrated, while being light enough and a good base for make-up. Its very light and non greasy on my normal/combo skin and another good thing is it doesnt clog pores. I think it also helps keep my skin blemish free and brightens up my complexion so I never look dull when Im using it. As with all products some people may break out due to the scent it has so I recommend getting samples if you have sensitive skin

                        Lancome Mousse Eclat Self Foaming Cleanser
Lancôme's Mousse Éclat foam activates with water to create an effective cleanser formulated with natural active ingredients to help exfoliate the skin, while preserving its youthful radiance. Its fresh formula gently cleanses away make–up and impurities to clarify the complexion, leaving your skin soft, radiant and healthy looking, and is suitable for normal to combination skin types.
- I really do love this cleanser I never had bad skin when I used it the whole of 2012. I wouldnt reach for it during winter months though as it can be a little drying but for the warmer months it perfect for me. I have a review of it it Here. Will be repurchasing when I have used up other cleansers Im currently using

                                  Habibi Organic Vanilla&Jasmine Body Balm

Indian Jasmine is blended with Tahitian Vanilla and Vanilla Bean, to create this intoxicating fragrance. Its blended with our Ultra emolient body balm formula to leave you soft and scented from Head to Toe
DIRECTIONS- Apply anywhere on the body in need of moisture
Not for use on face!

*Organic Raw Shea Butter
*Organic Raw Honey
*Organic Coconut Oil
*Organic Jasmine Petal Oil
*Organic Tahitian Vanilla Oil
*Organic Vanilla Bean Oil
*Organic Grapeseed Oil
*Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Vitamin E. Fragrance
-I really love this body balm its the best I have used to date. I have the ever so beautiful,friendly&helpful  Shahada  to thank for this one. She is one of my favourite bloggers/Makeup Artist ever. Need I say more you guys need to check her out if you havent. Back to the Body Balm -Not only does it smell divine but it leave my skin soft,supple and radiant and smelling delish. I really need more of this stuff hehe. 

Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction Red Plum&Freesia  Smoothing Body Scrub
-A passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia.
Experience the luxury of fragrant cleansing. Dual-action sugar scrub gently exfoliates as it purifies. Lather on wet skin, focusing on rough spots, then rinse off for an all-over glow. Skin feels soft, smooth and touchable. I really like Victoria Secrets (who doesnt?) and I could literally live in that store everyday lol. I do love this scrub,it smells lovely and does the job so whats not to love

Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub

Rub Rub Rub is a bit of a variation on the normal shower gel. For one, it’s so thick we put it into a tub for handy scooping in the shower. Secondly, it’s a bright blue, supremely softening, exfoliating sea salt shower scrub to revive your skin. Sea salt is extra cleansing, mineral-rich and softening for the hair and body; you can even use it as a shampoo. Our rubby scrub is startlingly refreshing, with a dash of lemon juice and the tropical scent of mimosa blossoms for a light, blossom-scented wash and smoother skin

* Ingredients- Mineral Rich sea salt and Organic Lemon Juice
*Smells lovely because it has mimosa, jasmine and orange flower blossom absolutes
- This is a really good scrub,Lush has never disappointed me with their products. Rub Rub Rub is very cooling on the skin. The smell is quite refreshing/masculine like and makes my skin really soft after every use. I have also used it in my hair and it was just as good. I use this most Sundays when Im pampering myself with masks and all that. If you looking for a body scrub I would recommend giving this a go next time you pop into a Lush store


Have a great week
Stay Beautiful &Blessed
Much Love


  1. You managed to finish quite a lot of things Sharon, great!
    Hope you had a great weekend xx

  2. Rub Rub Rub sounds amazing! I'll look for it when I go to Lush xx

  3. These sounds great, but i havent tried any of them, and i dont think ive done an empties post recently.. :) x

  4. Comprehensive detailed post! Nice work. I have emptied black radiance complexion perfection anti. Shine primeragain and again. I've finished all of my neutrogena natutals products.n 1I eos lup balm...the minty one. Lol


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