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Hello Lovelies!

How have y'all been?

So on Monday it was my birthday,I turned 26 *big yawn* yep Im heading towards the dreaded 30 lol, y'all know how much time flies and all the responsibilities that come with being an adult eek I cant even begin to explain but still am grateful to see another year. Not exactly where I really want to be but thank God Im not where I used to be and Im on way to bigger and better things. Enough said right?!

About 2weeks or so ago I won Dyno's 100 follower giveaway anniversary. I was really thrilled to have won
I couldnt be more grateful as I hadnt tried any of the stuff in the giveaway
Dyno is one of my favourite bloggers, she has a super cool blog, brilliant taste in makeup, skincare&fashion
She is a lovely blogger&does awesome reviews on products. If you havent checked her blog u really dont know what you missing lol ,take my advice and head to Dyno's blog now
Anyhoo goodies were beautifully wrapped  and she was extra generous to throw in 2extra bits from me as she knows Im a massivefan of just like her
The box contained
Mac Candy Yum Yum lipstick
The Body shop Mango Beautifying Oil
The Body shop strawberry shower gel
Juicy Couture viva la juicy travel size body lotion
L A Colours 30 eye design palette
Nivea lip butters in Rasberry Rose and Vanilla Macadamia
Arabian jewellery earrings
L A Colours Nail lacquer in Lightning Pink
Sephora Limited Edition Makeup bag

The extra bits she added were the Calvin Klein Sheer beauty perfume sample-smells lovely
Clarins Beauty Flashbalm- this stuff is amazeballs cant live without it
Clarins Hand and nail treatmeant- handbag staple every girl needs this

2013 my obsession is for clear and more radiant skin,less makeup perhaps?
I really am having a skincare kick and over past year or two Clarins has become my favourite skincare brand
I still try other brands but I always come back to Clarins. Before I used to associate Clarins with my mum and nan's age group haha how wrong was I lol. I love that Clarins products are plant based. Whilst having retail therapy on my birthday I wanted to buy the Clarins Pure Radiant face mask  so when I popped into John lewis Oxford street the SA said they had an offer of buy 2products you get to choose 4travel size skincare essentials of your choice so I thought hell yeah,might as well. I bought Clarins Pure radiant mask and Clarins Daily energizer cleansing gel and chose products to suit my needs.

Clarins Pure Radiant Mask
The Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask is a hydrating and mattifying treatment for combination and oily skin that promotes freshness, purity and radiance.
For troublesome skin that looks shiny and uneven, restore softness, smoothness and a more refined skin texture. Target redness, remove excess oil and absorb impurities with this non-drying skin treat suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.
Apply once or twice a week to cleansed, dry skin, leaving it on 5-10 minutes. Rinse off and follow with a good toner.
  • Tanaka powder and Pink Clay gently absorb impurities and excess oil
  • Alpine Willow Herb, Zinc and Vitamin B6 regulate oil production tighten pores.
  • Linden soothes and softens
  • Palm and Coconut oils comfort

Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel
This is a repurchase,its my everyday cleanser
This refreshing gel formulation leaves your skin clear, clean and super soft, with no trace of make-up. Pollutants, grime and city debris are removed, leaving the skin looking and feeling detoxified. The multitasking cleanser also works to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
Use daily both morning and night. Gently work into a lather on dampened skin - making sure to avoid the eye area. Rinse with cool water in the morning to wake-up your skin and warm water in the evening to relax your skin and help with make-up removal.
Saponaria extract foaming and cleansing benefits
Moringa extract neutralises the effects of pollution


Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion
Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion is a wonderfully intensive fluid specifically for skin that needs some added hydration.
Intensively moisturising yet readily absorbed, this essential lotion instantly soothes even the driest skin to restore a comfortable equilibrium. Comfort and suppleness are re-achieved, and skin is visibly smooth, refined and incredibly soft to the touch.Apply morning and/or evening, with light sweeping massage movements from ankles to waist and from wrists to shoulders.
  • Peach extract, Shea Butter and Olive extract moisturise, revitalise and soothe
  • Complex of fruit acids refine
  • Keratolin smoothes
  • Candlenut Oil and Orange Blossom Wax firm and improve suppleness

                                                               Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel
The Clarins Pure Melt Cleaning Gel is a remarkable cleanser.It starts out at a honey-coloured gel that clings to surface impurities and make-up, before melting with the skin's body heat into a deep-cleansing oil. Splash water onto your face and the formulation transforms once again into a gentle cleansing milk that washes off easily.

Skin is left deeply cleansed, soft and soothed. Suitable for all skin types, this super product comes in a tube for travelling.
Dispense product onto fingers and massage lightly over dry skin in circular movements. Apply water and rinse-off.
  • 85% oil-in-water emulsion
  • Marula oil comforts, rebalances, revives radiance

Clarins Multi Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream for All Skintypes
Among the top-selling premium moisturisers in the world, Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle Correction Cream is a premature aging solution supports the skin's structure and aids in the hydration of all skin types.
Its potent blend of botanials regulates daily stresses that the skin faces each day, ensuring protection against pollutant aggressors, prevention of lines and natural perseverance of the skin. Radiant, fresh and younger-looking skin is just a pot away!
For all skin types, smooth this refreshing cream on after thorough cleansing and toning, both day and night.
  • Ambiaty extract stimulates the dermal-epidermal junction which supports the epidermis and provides the water and nutrients it needs.
  • Hesperidin is an active ingredient encapsulated in Multi-Lamellins which release it as and when the skin needs
  • Sugar Cane regulates moisture variations to provide day long comfort
  • Ginseng fights fatigue and tones
  • Olive provides Anti-free radical protection

Clarins Multi -Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream 
Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards Winner 2010
The night-time skincare solution for dry skinned women around the age of 30, Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream boosts cellular renewal at a time when skin renewal is at its optimum pliancy and efficiency.
Helps skin recover from the stresses of daytime hours, and optically reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Upon waking, skin is luminous, toned and youthful-looking.
Apply in the evening to a thoroughly cleansed face, smoothing the cream gently without tugging.
  • Kiwi extract obtained from organic cultivation
  • Imudilin® boosts cellular renewal in skin

All together with 4freebies

Lovely people at Creme de la mer John Lewis  was kind enough to send me a birthday card for mini facial of my choice and get free sample of serum of my choice I chose the Brightening Facial which helps with dark spots and brightening, the   beauty therapist was so lovely and helpful,explaining things into detail, Sarah was her name and we chatted away like old mates. I loved the Mini facial, made my skin glow without makeup here is to hoping I win lotto and purchase all the products from BLANC DE LA MER range haha. I also requested sample of the  Moisturising Soft cream which launched last year as the Original Creme De La Mer can be too thick for my liking and everyday use. 

The other two samples are the newly launched Clarins Double serum Complete Age Total Concentrate
The Clarins Double Serum Complete Age Control Concentrate is an essential skin treatment that infuses the complexion with the power of 20 anti-ageing pure plant extracts.
The lightweight, luxurious serum reactivates the 5 vital functions of skin: hydration, nutrition, protection, oxygenation and regeneration. This works to intensely boost hydration, radiance and collagen production, while fighting the effects of ageing, stress and pollution. Skin is firmer, smoother and more resilient day by day.
Created with almost 30 years of anti-ageing research and expertise, the Double Serum harnesses the two-fold power of hydric (water-soluble) and lipidic (oil-soluble) phases in two separate pump dispensers, which are mixed only when applied. This ensures maximum concentration of the best skincare ingredients, delivered directly to the skin.
Use the Clarins Double Serum both morning and evening after your usual cleansing routine, and follow up with moisturiser.


Thus all for now
Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful and Blessed
Much Love


  1. Happy belated, I hope you had a great day

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, And i hope your enjoing all your lovely new products


    1. Thank u hun, yes had a blessed day &am loving all e products!

  2. I hope that you had a great birthday. I turned 26 not too long ago, and I wasn't thrilled with it! Not looking forward to approaching 30 lol. Everything in this post looks wonderful! :)

    1. Oh dear! Happy belated my darling. Mine was pretty much low key this year I feel u@ the *not thrilling *part but it will get better we can only hope I guess. On being 30 u&me both haha,thanks4comment hun


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