Friday, 25 January 2013

Review-Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimizing Skin Refinisher

Hello Lovelies!

How have y'all been? Back in December I bought Estee Lauder Idealist Pore Minimising serum on a whim without even sampling it. Why you may ask? All of a sudden I have enlarged pores and they were kinda depressing me when I look in the mirror so I thought hey why not invest in something to tackle this problem before it got outta hand. This serum has got to be the most expensive skincare product I own so far,I seriously didnt know what to expect to be honest but at a hefty tag I hoped we would live happily ever after lol

Benefits /Claims
*Pores instantly look a third smaller
*Refinishes skin texture
* Reveals more clarity,smoothness and luminosity
*Banishes and helps prevent flakiness,roughness and  dullness

How to Use
Apply every morning on clean skin,follow with moisturiser

I really love the packaging,its nice and classy in my opinion
I love that it comes with a pump making it more hygienic

Skin type, Texture ,Scent
Estee Lauder claims that the serum is suitable for all skintypes but I can not support that statement as
Every person is different. However it suits my normal/combination skin with oily t-zone perfectly
It did not irritate me from first use or cause breakouts. The serum has a nice light fruity lime scent which I think is lovely and refreshing. The texture is very silky to the touch and it is not sticky at all

I love how this glides on my skin,I use 2-3 pumps and massage it in. My skin feels velvety and looks clear and poreless when I use the pore minimiser. The serum also acts as a face primer and prevents my makeup from sinking into my pores. I dont even use foundation primer anymore when am using Estee Lauder Idealist
The skin refinisher alsor help my makeup glide on better and stay fresh and put all day

I think this is the best 40quid I spend on a skincare product and I feel its worth it
I have used this daily ever since I purchased it ,it has made a difference to the texture and look of my skin. My pores havent disappeared completely but they certainly have been minimised. My skin looks even and feels silky smooth. If you are on the hunt for a pore minimiser I recommend you get samples to try at Estee Lauder counters. The Estee Pore minimising serum has found its place in my skincare routine and I will definitely be repurchasing. Im thinking of trying the Estee Advanced Night Repair as a night treatment

Where to purchase&cost
30ml for £40, 50ml for £54 and 75ml for £65
Can purchase from Estee Lauder direct,Estee Lauder counters in Boots, Selfridges, House of Fraser
John Lewis, Debenhams

Have you tried this
Have you tried any Estee Lauder products that you recommend?
Do you have enlarged pores&what do you use to keep them under control?

Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. Oh my! this sounds amazing. will definitely check it out.
    Nice review btw

    1. For me it sure is amazing, hope u get e chance to try it out hun!

  2. Definitely a product to splurge on! I'm glad that you love it so much.

    1. Couldn't agree more hun, definitely worth e splurge!

  3. i've never actually used any of estee lauder's products, but my mom and sister both like their skincare products. :)

    <3, Mimi

    1. Thanks hun, I have recently started using estee lauder products and I'm loving them. Their skincare seems to be working well for me if only it wasn't expensive haha!

  4. Sounds like a great product!! Nice review honey!

  5. it sounds great but i havent tried it and i dont have enlarged pores.. take care xx

    1. Thank u hun, skin changes a lot in your 20s all of a sudden they jus appeared lol

  6. Sounds like a nice product for minimizing pores. I would love to use it, but it does seem a bit pricey.

  7. @Cheryl thanks hun,yes a bit pricey I'm sure in e future will opt for cheaper options from either the body shop, clinique or clarins!

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