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Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 Wash Off Deep Cleansing Milk Review

Hello Lovelies!

About 2months ago I purchased the Soap and Glory Peaches and Clean 4 in 1 cleansing milk used it for over a month and think its about time I put my 2cents in lol

Product Claims
To purify,energize and melt away makeup

*Peach extract with skin smoothing fruit acids
*Includes Quillaja Park which is a gentle natural soap
*Includes Jojoba Oil an emoilent skin  softener
*Detoxy boost Technology to help purify and deep clean
*Pore shrink R2 for a clearer,fresher,brighter complexion

I love the packaging which is very hygenic in the sense that it comes with a pump making it easier to control how much you want to use


£7.00 from Boots website&stores or Asos website

How to use
Pump a small amount into the palm of your hand,massage onto you cheeks and all over your face rubbing double on any trouble spots,oily forehead,nose,chin to maximise the actives. Rinse off with water.

If after a long day at work or night out and dont want the hassle of using wipes etc to take off your makeup just pump a moderate amount onto your hands and apply directly to your makeup. This stuff will melt your makeup like nobody's business. Just rinse off with water afterwards,pat dry,apply your night moisturiser and or serum

My experiences
I have dry/normal combination skin which is also sensitive. This stuff left my face clean and so soft without drying. However I noticed it gace me a little rash on my cheeks just after cleansing but it did disappear after a while. It did remove makeup and left skin looking fresher and brighter

This cleanser has a heavy scent of peaches so if you are allergic to peaches or hate the smell of peaches dont buy this
If you have skin like mine*sensitive to fragranced cleanser* this may not be suitable as it will irritate your skin
This may not be widely available to everyone depending on where you live

*Comes in a pump bottle which is hygenic in my opinion
*Reasonably priced
*Does what it says
*Removes makeup&cleanses

This is a good cleanser apart from giving me minor rashes
Would recommend to those who like cream/milk based cleansers
This stuff not only removes  makeup but cleanses the skin
If you have sensitive skin maybe stay clear off this cleanser

Hope you have found this review helpful!!!!!
Have you used this cleanser?????
What cleanser do you use?????

Have a wonderful day Chicas
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. I'd love to try soap n glory stuff, too bad they're not sold in italy!

  2. Great post :)
    I love creamy cleansers. My favorite is Liz Earle's but I am planning on trying something new. This seems to be a good option.

  3. This sounds great, I love creamy or milk cleansers, but I agree that it's probably too fragrance for sensitive skin which is a shame.


  4. thats a great review.. I use a cleanser from Burt and Bee's.. x

  5. sound good Sharon,,,but I dont like the peachy fragrance or should I say my mum hates it on me :D so I dont buy stuff with peachy scent..

    :) I am on the look for a fragrance free cleaner but all I find is some funny scented ones :D

  6. sorry about the rash, I'm glad that cleared up

  7. Looks and sounds like a great product! Love the review :)

  8. I need a new cleanser and love soap and glory, but sometimes my skin is quite sensitive. Might still give it a try though :) Just started following, love it x

  9. i like that it comes in a pump and does what it says it would do. probably wouldn't mind the scent of peaches. i don't use this cleanser. i currently use an Eminence cleanser and the Clinique dark spot corrector.

  10. I use Biore and Aveeno, they work so I'm not going to try anything else. My face can break into a fit sometimes when trying a new product

  11. Great blog and review. Thank you for following me. I have followed you back xx

  12. dear this post is amazing!!so healpfull,thanks for your adorable comment!many kisses from,

  13. thank you for the comment love! it was sweet of you to say and it made my day hearing im not alone!

    hugs and love

  14. sounds like a really great product to use to remove after-a-long-day make up... thanks for this review Sharon! :)

    xo Cherry
    pop over my blog if u have time... :)

  15. nice post and thanks for sharing


  16. I just got this one, and I absolutely love it. It works wonderfully for me :)

  17. I also had a rash and a strange burning sensation I think I'm allergic but it was a horrible experience that I hated!


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