Saturday, 7 January 2012

Simple Radiance Brightening Cleansing wipes

Hello Chicas,Hope y'all doing well

Simple Radiance Brightening wipes are a perfect blend of active ingreadients and mango goodness to cleanse exfoliate and remove impurities. Perfect for sensitive skin

These wipes contain Mango extract which hydrates and refines skintone

They contain Bisabolol which soothes and calms

Also contain  Glycerin which hydrates and nourishes

These wipes have no alcohol,no oil,no perfume and no colour

Here is why I love them
I always use facial wipes as the first step of removing makeup before using cleansers etc to ensure that all dirt is removed. I love using these wipes beacuse they are so gentle on the skin and even on eyes. I use them mostly to remove makeup but every now and again I use them to refresh my face as well. With continued use I have noticed that my skin looks more healthy and brighter. They do smell nice and although Simple says they contain mango,you cant even pick up any mango scent in them. They do remove all traces of makeup without irritating the skin. Normally one wipe is enough for the whole face as I use eye makeup remover for the eyes. Just to mention my skin is sensitive,have dry skin,oily t-zone but these have never irritated me from day 1. The wipes are non drying and non greasy.

I really love these wipes,I will continue to buy them as they help in improving
the texture and appearance of my skin
Do recommend to all you Chicas

They retail for £3.99 from Boots and Superdrug but Im sure there are many online stores where you can buy them.


Have a great day Lovelies
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. Wipes with mango sounds yummy!! :)

  2. I dont use wipes that often since buying thies Bioderma product sold in France but these sound good too

  3. I've never actually tried the brightening wipes. I love their normal make-up remover wipes though. I refuse to use anything else, even if they are £3.99 per pack. I normally just wait until they're on offer and stock up :) xx

  4. i have never heard of these wipes or this brand, but they should great. thanks for sharing

  5. I never use wipes, I wash right away my face with Dove soap whenever I use make up, that is my dermatology advice to me because I really have a sensitive skin. but this wipes really sounds great ;-)

    thanks for visit my blog and follow...will follow you too


  6. They sound amazing! I'm in London at the moment so I might buy them!

  7. I know.. chocolate sounds so delicious!

    And I don't use them.. I wash my face any way so no point for me.. x Might be good after a night out if your staying over at a friends or so though

  8. Thanks for sharing Sharon..these look nice to me.. :)

  9. I use facial wipes sometimes. My favorite are from Ponds and Target's store brand. They both clean my face really well since I get super oily and they leave my skin looking refreshed

  10. They sound really great! I like that they don't dry out the skin. A lot of wipes tend to do that. Thanks for the review!

  11. @Ruqaiya Khan yeah I know hun,mango jus sounds yum hehe

    @Snow black thanks for the comment and visit dear

    @Sarah yes their normal wipes are great as well,u get a bargain with those 3 for 2 offers

    @CottonCandyINK Simple is popular in the UK their products contain no harsh chemicals and contain no perfume or colours hun

    @Rochelle's closet thanx for following hun,I have never used Dove soap on my face before. My skin is sensitive too but these don't irritate me at all and have never broken me out

    @Drama and Makeup are u really hun,hope u enjoying London huh,let me know ur thoughts if u do buy them

    @Yolanda thanks sweetie,I cleanse my face after using these wipes. They are my first step into removing makeup. Yes if u sleep over they would be great for freshening up next morning

    @Namita u welcome my dear

    @Judy glad u got something working well for your skin

    @inmyhansonshirt thanx hun,they are great coz they are non drying,they cleanse,tone& moisturise leaving u refreshed

  12. hey honey thank you soo much for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Im glad you did stop by cause I love your blog and it's soo informative and pretty new follower as well thanks for the support




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