Sunday, 18 December 2011

Simple Kind to skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Hello My Lovelies,How are we all doing??? Hope y'all well

Simple Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Mask
What Simple says????- A perfect blend of active ingredients and vitamin goodness to draw out deep down dirt and eliminate dead cells. Perfect for even sensitive skin
Contains Pro Vitamin B5 which actively restores,softens and soothes

Contains Vitamin E which moisturises to improve skin condition

Contains Natural Clay which detoxifies and purifies

Contains Sea weed extract which cleanses,soothes and softens

Contains Bisabolol which soothes and calms

Has no Perfume and has no Colour

Has been Dermatologically tested&approved

My thoughts
I really love the texture of this mask,it feels more like a moisturiser than a mud mask. It doesnt dry up my skin  and is great for my sensitive skin. I use this once a week because I have dry skin most times,if you have oily or combination skin I think you can use it 2-3 times as Simple claims. I love this stuff  been using it for 3+ years it leaves my skin feeling clean and as soft as a baby's bum. Love it ,will buy again and recommend to all

This mask is very affordable'just £3.99 from Boots or Superdrug


Thus all for today My Loves
Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. Thanks for your comment! Great tips.. I use Bodyshop self warming mineral mask .. x

  2. great tips, i need to try the body shop products

  3. Great tip's. This stuff looks great.

  4. @Yolandaas thanx love,never tried e body shop one but will check it out cheers x

    @CottonCandyINK thanx hun,I never tried that one so hope u update me abt it if u do get it

    @Chloe yes I love the stuff&thanx for passing by and ur comment x

  5. that's SO affordable! thanks for the review on that. I wonder if I can find it here.

    Thanks for the follow, I'm following you too:]

  6. @Sisi sparkles thanks for following hun,depends where u live I suppose u can find it online x

  7. Great review :). Thank you for becoming a follower, now following back x

  8. @Sadie thank u so much hun,appreciate it x

  9. I use a botanicals mud mask which I love. I do use a few Simple products like the toner and moisturiser so may give this mask a try!


  10. love face masks. it's great that this is affordable and doesn't dry out the skin.

  11. @Ekaete thank u so much hun,awww really I use Simple toner&rich moisturiser as well.

    @Cheryl yes hun its very affordable and not drying@all has e texture of a moisturising cream x


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