Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Perfumes I loved using 2011

Hello Chicas,Hope y'all doing great.
As the year draws to an end I will be sharing my fave beauty&makeup products of 2011 in the next few posts so today we start with fragrances!!!!!!!!

Lola by Marc Jacobs 50ml perfume
I really love this perfume its a fruity floral fragrances
This was a gift from e better half *last xmas*
This smells wonderful *you smell great thats what you will be told* and is not overpowering
It does last a good couple hours and the packaging is so pretty

Britney Spears Fantasy 100ml perfume
I really love the smell of Fantasy it smells lovely,sweet and girlie
Last all day on me
The packaging is so pretty
Smell very feminine like cotton candy I love it
I have been attached to this perfume since my teen years

Beyonce Heat 50ml perfume
This fragrance feels very energizing
When I put this on it makes me feel sexy and confident
Its just moderate not too strong and not too soft either
Its has peach,amber and vanilla notes
If you want to feel fierce go for Beyonce's heat

These were the fragrances I loved all year round

Thus all for now Chicas
Have a wonderful day
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. I love Fantasy! Very sweet and youthful. I also like Circus Fantasy by Britney it's a grown up version if you can say that. :)

  2. nice! i use to many ;-)

  3. @Bridget thanks hun,never tried Circus fantasy lol will check it out x

    @CottonCandyINK thank you hun,I use too many as well but reached out for these most during e year x

  4. Now I am going to cheat from here! Thanks for recommending these! I will surely use them as gifts for a special someone!

  5. @Arnab Maity u welcome hun,hope e person will love them as much as I do glad to help x

  6. Jimmy Choo, Tom Ford Santal Blush and Lush Ginger x

  7. @Beauty balm that's some great picks there hun,wanna try Jimmy Choo next thanx for sharing x

  8. The Lola by Marc Jacob is really beautiful,
    I fell involve with the bottle lol then it smelt even better (y)
    (now following)

  9. i havent used heat and LOLA yet!feel so behind!

  10. @Kiwi thanks hun,yeah I know the bottle will make u love it more

    @Roseanne lol hun its nevr too late to try hehe


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