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Product Rave: Nars Sheer Glow and MUFE HD foundations

Hello My Lovelies.How r y'all????Hope u having a great weekend.

Today Im coming to you to share my thoughts on my  favourite Holy grail  foundations Nars Sheer Glow and MUFE HD foundations. I love them both but in different ways.

For long I tried  many foundations and nothing seemed to work for my Normal to dry and Sensitive skin.

1-Loved Mac Studio fix fluid  from when I was just 17yrs (7years ago)but  it felt heavy on my skin,broke me out like crazy&oxidised as well.

2-Tried Fashion Fair foundations the lighest shade they do is dark on me(they cater to my dark chocolate sisters)

3-Tried Sleek Cosmetics foundations didnt like the texture of foundation and finish it gave me

4-Tried all Iman foundations love them but they oxidised in compacts turned greyish and sometimes looked cakey&powdery on me.

After  thorough search,googling &watching so many Youtube Raves&Reviews on Nars and MUFE I finally gave in to the hype and bought both.

My Thoughts on Nars Sheer Glow foundation £29.50
Im shade Cadiz which is Medium Dark 3 and my skin is Sensitive and normal to dry
Best foundation I ever tried I loooooove it
*This foundation works best on normal,normal to dry and very dry skin.
*In my opininon I think it wouldnt work fo Oily skin as its very moisturising and has a glowy finish
*Provides light to medium coverage
*Claims to improve skin texture which it does of coz my skin feels smoother
*Noticed that if you set it with Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural powder it willgive you a cakey finish and interfere with the Lovely Satin glowy finish this foundation gives
*Lasts all day on me
*Feels very light on skin
*Doesnt oxidise on me like othe foundations(ErrrrrrrrrrrrMac Studio fix fluid Im talking to you)
*Evens out skintone beutifully and looks very natural whilst giving a glowy finish
*It photographs well as it doesnt contain SPF
*If you have Oily skin I recommend the Nars Sheer Matte foundion

Dislikes on Nars Sheer Glow foundations
*A bit pricey (£29.50 for 30ml bottle)
*As a high end £30.00 foundation I would expect it to come with a  pump which it doesnt you have to buy a pump separately

My thoughts on MUFE HD Foundation
Im shade #173 Amber Rose)
*The most part of why I really love this foundation is that it Photographs really well
*Lasts all day
*Feels lightweight
*The finish is Semi-matte
*Provides medium to full coverage
*Packaging is great
*Comes with  pump
*Doesnt give you a dewy finished look
*A bit pricey (£27.00 for  a 30ml)

                      Overall  Thoughts on Nars Sheer Glow and MUFE HD
I really love both foundations however despite the hype surrounding MUFE HD I dont see much difference it brings to my skin. Besides being good for photography I dont see anything really special about it. Nars Sheer Glow is my Number 1 favourite&Holy grail for now. I do recommend MUFE HD  if you like medum to full coverage and a semi matte finished look. I prefer Nars Sheer Glow over MUFE as it moisturises my dry&sensitive skin&gives me a glowy look which I love.
I will repurchase both foundations and do Recommend to all as they are both great&worth your money

Thus all Lovely Chicas
Hope y'all Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much Love


  1. Great reviews Sharon!! Both of them sound great :)

  2. thanks for the great review. mufe is really worth the hype. i want to try sheer glow but the only thing keeping me back is light coverage and i need full to cover my acne scars lol

  3. Wonderful review Sher! Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us. :O)

  4. Great Review! I love MUFE HD, I want to try sheer glow next!

  5. Excellent Review. I never tried NARS foundations and I didn't like the MUFE HD on me.

  6. Lovely review :)
    I really want to try the Make Up Forever one but I don't know what shade I'd be :( Where did you get it from? xx

  7. Great review! I've also tried both and like you, I also prefer the NARS foundation a little more than the MUFE. It's a close call though!

  8. Great review sista! I love my Nars too! Recently, I have been using revlon colorstay in toast. Seems to work well too. Have you tried it?

  9. @Pammy thanx hun

    @Rakhshanda thanx love

    @KayKay thanx sweetie,Nars sheer glow doesnt cover acne scara and breakouts its vey light&sheer

    @1xellus1 thanx Sis

    @Tierra thanx hun

    @Tanisa thnx hun,MUFE can feel a bit weird due to its consistency

    @Sriya thanx hun,got it @PAMS Ltd in Shepherds Bush posted details on ur blog

    @Onjel thanx hun,Nars Sheer glow is way2go I agree

    @Uma thanx my dear,hav never tried Revlon foundations but will do thanx for reminding me


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