Thursday, 4 November 2010

Spring Green

Hello Hello my lovelies. How r y'all??? Im happy to be back to normal blogging as some of u knw I have been so unwell past few days,I had a terrible cold,sore throat,cold sweat&feverishness it was just awful but Thank God Im so much better today that I decided to do a post for u guys. Thank you to the pple who wished me Get well soon,it worked I guess LMAO!!!Its just a NOTW basically for today,will do FOTD tomorrow  and a Haul post after that probably over the weekend.

I am sorry I havent been 100% attentive to all yur blogs but hopefully will catchup on everything I missed on in the next few days.

Now when it comes to Nail polish some pple apply it according to seasons ie Summer,Autumn,Winter&Spring but Oh well I aint one of those pple so I paint my nails in whatever colour doesnt matter whether its raining,storming,I just apply ehatever colour I fancy for that week I dont limit myself becoz of weather lol. The colour I chose is Spring Green Nail Paint by Barry love e colour&I hope u likey!!!!

Anyhoo thus all for today sweet chicks,I hope you enjoy the rest of your day&Take care

Stay Beautiful&Blessed

Much love 2Y'all



  1. Love mint greens and your mani is lovely. you should do more polish post :)

  2. i want a nail colour like that!!! tomorrow morning i'll go to buy a similiar one for sure!


  3. That green is so pretty!

  4. i want this nail polish, so pretty <3

    xoxo Christine

  5. @rmcandlelight thanx hun,I aint that good with Nail polish posts but thanx for encouragement will try&do more

    @Tanya yes sweetieits a nice green,I agree

    @VeRo! Go 'head get a dupe hun cant wait to see it

    @Tanisa (Olivia) Rossi thanx hun

    @Christine thanx sweetie,u want it Come get it LMAO or can post it 2u lol

    @Chanel Craves thanx for vising&ur lovely comment

  6. what a pretty shade. im the same way. i just go with the flow, seasons dont matter much to me

  7. @Kearea' thanx Doll I agree with u abt seasons lol

  8. Just the right shade of green i need, so pretty :)

    Stay gorgeous!

  9. @StylishHedForever thanx hun,yeah u need it gal

  10. How did I miss this post? OMG so pretty Sharon!


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