Thursday, 11 November 2010

3 lovely blog Awards Yay!!!!!

Im very honoured&super excited to have been given this award by 3fabulous ladies 
                              April of

Ms.Priscilla of

and Rakhshanda of  These ladies all have wonderful blogs,you should check them out,love love them to bits!!!!Thanx for even considering my blog to be lovely !!! I really appreciate ur support&thoughts

I am passing on this Lovely Blog Award to ladies who deserve it. I absolutely love all your blogs. U inspire me everyday,u r all so fun,creative&supportive. Love you guys,U make blogging so much fun!!!!

This is in No particular order!!!!!!!!!

Tanya of

The lovely&gorgeous lady of

KayKay of

Sabrina of

Veronica of

Traycee of

rmcandlelight of

Princess Feef of
Nasheikah of

Vixxan of

Mz. More of
Uma of

Shelly of

Katie Renee of

fabulous lady of

Kearea' of
Raeven Marie of

Tinuke of

Tina of

Gorgeous lady of

Catanya of

Those ones I didnt mention,Im sorry guys but I also really do love all ur blogs!!!!


  1. Awwww thank you a million times sweetie <3
    This makes me so happy <3

    xoxo Christine

  2. Congrats girl! You have a great blog!!!

  3. awww. Thanks Gorgeous. Your blog is wonderful. I love your warm and sweet spirit

  4. congs my dea you deserve it

  5. thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!!! :D :D yout blog deserves totally an award...and two...and three...and a million!!!! :D:D:D:D


  6. Thank You!!! Congratulations on your award. I enjoy reading your blog and I am flattered that you like mine. Thanks a Million.

  7. OmGosh!!! How am I missing this! I <<<333 your blog and I am so honored that you gave me an award!!! Thank you! You inspire me as well doll! Keep the looks coming! I enjoy them dearly!!!

  8. Aww i'm truly honoured Sharon, you're a sweetheart and thanks for the fabulous award!
    Thank you!!!

  9. you're so sweet Sharon!! Thanks so much girlie for the continuous support! and congrats to you as well :)

  10. @Christine u welcome sweetie (happy is what I love2hear lol)

    @Pammy thanx hun,appreciate ur kindness

    @Tinuke thanx a lot& u very welcome Diva

    @Mbabazi thanx a lot hun,appreciate it

    @VeRo! aww u r so sweet *a million* thank u hun&u welcome

    @Vixxan thanx a lot hun Im glad u like my blog&u welcome as wel,

    @lovelifeliveforever thanx a lot gorgeous,appreciate it it&u welcome lol

    @StylisHedForever aww a *sweetheart*thus very kind of u thanx gorgeous&u welcome

    @Kearea' aww Doll u make me wanna cry(in a happy way) U welcome,thanx&I will always be supportive of u Diva.

  11. Congratulations Sharon! :O) Thank you for selecting my blog for the award as well. XXX

  12. wow thank you so much! Sorry I took a while to get back to you, I been busy trying to change the url of my blog (long story as to why I changed the url but hopefully blocking it and sending the link to my lovely followers like you will prevent certain outsiders from viewing it) and giving it a whole new look. I am still working on it.

    Thank you for the award, I appreciate it.

  13. @Sha thanx sis&u welcome hun!!!!!!!!!

    @Tanya u welcome sweetie

  14. Thanks Sharon! Sorry I'm so late...been in California lately.....

  15. sorry i'm soooo late, but thank you so much for the blog award! i appreciate it :) xoxo


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