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Athenaeum Spa

Hello Beautiful People

The BFF and I decided we needed some form of  spa treatment as we have been so occupied& havent gone on holiday for a while. I took a few days browsing on Wahanda website trying to find great deals for the two of us and I finally decided  on the  2 FOR 1WHATS NOT TO LOVE PAMPER PACKAGE for £100 with 2treatments in at half an hour each with the choice of a Facial OR MassageOR Body Exfoliation OR Body Wrap and use of Wet Spa facilities for an hour

Okay so Thursday morning 4th October I tag alongside my friend to the Spa which is located in the beautiful 5star Athenaeum hotel in Green Park our appointment was 11am we got there 20minutes before time becoz errmmmm I  am a punctual person

ATHENAEUM HOTEL is located 6 minutes from Hyde Park Corner and about 10 minutes from Buckingham Palace
Upon arrival we were greeted,quickly escorted to the stairs in the basement of the hotel where the Spa is located.
At the Spa reception there were Elemis products on display like stand which I forgot to take a picture of but we were welcomed in a nice way asked about what treatments we wanted me & the Bff chose to have a facial&body wrap, we were shown changing rooms and forms to fill after we finished
and here are a few pictures from changing room which is quite small but still nice
Ren Citrus handwash
Ren Grapeseed,Jojoba and Shea butter body cream
There's body butters onto the wall, Treatment prices for the Spa and a blow drier and a  huge mirror
shower area in changing,really nice btw

I really love the design on the wall  ,nice clean bathrobs , my friend and I and the next lady already had ours
I took this picture standing by the door so as you can tell the place is quite small
We finished changing and headed towards wet area to fill forms about our skin type etc After a few minutes we were taken into treatment rooms

Treatment room&beds,sorry this picture is dark but I hope you get an idea lol

Products used for treatments

Had to use flash on my camera to get the products upclose.
They used Ren Products for our treatments which I really love by the way

So our beauty therapists werent all that chatty but they answered every question I heard. Apparently we had the Ren Bespoke Facial which is deep cleanses the skin,tones and lifts the skin so that you feel fresh and revitalised. The facial was really nice the whole cleanse,tone,scrub, mask&moisturise process,I loved it and Im sure it did something that other people can see because its been non stop compliments since the facial. Personally when I touch my skin it feels so soft as a baby's bottom, I seem poreless and my skin jus feels beautiful to be honest


The Sea weed Body wrap which I never want to have again. Apparently sI heard body wraps are great at hydrating the skin, riding the body of toxins and in some cases help lose inches. Whichever way Im not having that treatment again neither is my friend. The process is to apply like a sea weed or coconut like mask onto the body mainly legs,hands,tummy and breasts if you like but I chose not to have it on my breasts. It feels really cold on application after applying you are wrapped up into some form of plastic and left for like 20 mins. During those 20mins the therapists left the room and I just remained silent. I started feeling really cold with the plastics and it started to itch me body and making me uncomfortable. At first I thought it was me alone suffering so I asked my friend if she feels weird at all,she didnt even need to answer because she burst out laughing&yes I knew I wasnt so weird after all. Honestly I do not care what that treatment does but I wont be having it again,it was so cold&room temperature was a bit blah. I have never felt like a snail/slug in my entire life but at that very moment I thought I was one

After 20minutes the therapists came to remove our face&eye masks and moisturise our face. We were told we can now wipe of the body mask thingy , at that moment I just sang hallelujah and hurried to rinse ourselves in the shower and  go use wet area. We were told to help ourselves to fruits, juices and lots of water in the sitting area 

Display of nail polishes for those coming for mani&pedicures!
Display of products on sale mainly from Ren and Elemis
Table in sitting area
other chairs to relax and I think they have some jewllery on sale right at the corner if my memory saves me right
sofa in the sitting area
Table with fruits,water and juices
Jaccuzis in the wet area!
Towels in wet area
Sitting chairs in wet area
I went into the jacuzzi whilst my friend went into the sauna, I dont do steamers&saunas I will just lose breath&faint. I forgot to take picture of sauna though but I can tell u its very small but nice

The Athenaeum Spa is Unisex so can make you a bit uncomfortable and the Spa is fairly small but luxurious.The staff were okay and answered all my questions. I think its a great package and good value for money as well. I would definitely return for the facial  in the future and something else maybe as they also do manicure, pedicure, massage and body exfoliation.  I definitely recommend checking it out if you in London. My friend and I had a lovely time 


  1. it sounds like you had a great time Sharon! you make me want to run to the closest spa :P Hope you're well xx

    1. Oh yes I had a lovely time, except for the body wrap part ha ha! I'm very well darling thanks for asking,how are u? And yes u need to pay the spa a visit sometime :D

  2. Love this post!! I havent done any thing like this but would love too.. & i love the fact that they were using natural luxurious products :) shame about the body wrap, I really wanted to try it.. but it seems terrible that they just left u wrapped up haha.. ill definitely check this place out :) xxx take care

    1. Awww thanks honey, glad u love this post! Yes I love that they use natural skincare products from Ren and Elemis they r fab for the skin no breakouts, whatsoever. I'm turning into an ingredient and natural skincare freak ha ha If u do go please lemme know how u get on, take care as well babe<3

  3. ahh I'm so jealous!! ...I'm so in need of a spa treatment!!
    Looks like you had a lovely day!

    Charlee x

    1. Yes u need spa treatment Charlee ha ha, e day was lovely thanks dear for e comment

  4. I like when people do day spa reviews as it always makes me wonder why I haven't gone to a day spa yet. Looks like such a relaxing day.

    1. Thanks darling, yes that's what I always wondered but finally got to experience it, it was a very much relaxed day!

  5. Im surprised u havent tried mus lipsticks hun.. £1!! Lol x

    1. Ha ha I know right hun,I hear they aren't long lasting hence I passed plus have way2much lipsticks, only buying what I use

  6. Never felt like a slug loool! You look very refreshed afterwards babe. I had unchatty beauty therapists just seems a bit blah but at least you had your bff with you xo

    1. Thank u honey, it was quite a lovely experience apart from slug moment, yeah I prefer chatty pple coz it makes u feel very relaxed but when they r quiet its as if they are somewhat angry@u, u know what I mean


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