Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Review: Becca Cosmetics Mattifying Primer

Hello Chicas!

I have been using the Becca Cosmetics Mattifying primer for just over a month on a regular basis and today I will share my thoughts on it. I purchased this on Apothica through the gift certificate  issued by sponsors of Sharon's Makeup Diary ie Skincarerx

BECCA Mattifying Primer, with anti-oxidant vitamin E, works to visibly improve the look and texture of the skin by smoothing fine lines and pores to create an even canvas for makeup. It helps the skin retain moisture without a greasy feel, giving a matte finish to oilier, shiny skin and extending the wear of both liquid and cream makeup

My Experience
I found that the texture of the Becca mattifying primer is similar to that of a moisturiser. It easily blended onto my skin and felt very lightweight too. I love the fact that the tube comes in a squeezable black tube making it easier to control how much product I wanted to use without wasting it

I have normal/combination skin with a somewhat oily T-Zone. I use this mainly  on my T-Zone and cheek area where I tend to have large pores.

I love this makeup primer it goes on smoothly,feels great, helps my makeup glide on easily whilst smoothing my pores and prolonging the wear of my makeup. I have also noticed my makeup stays fresh

I really recommend this primer,its one of the best I have tried to date and it even  knocks down my previous favourite ie the Giorgio Armani fluid master primer which I really liked but after 4-5hours my T-zone needed touching up considering my skin aint even oily. 

 Becca Mattifying  Primer would be excellent for combination and oily skin types,if you have dry skin I suggest  you stay away from this particular primer as it will dry you out (tested on drier parts of my face. This  primer  does hold makeup very well and has a mattifying effect when applied to the skin and it did not break me out

You can buy this primer from SkinCareRx  with other Becca Cosmetics products and other amazing skincare products such as TOPIX, Juice Beauty Organics,SkinCeuticals, Dr Hauschka  and other various ones from their sister websites Apothica and Skinbotanica. Im sure you will  all have a great time shopping around these sites as they also carry most popular  Makeup brands

Have you tried this primer??
Have you tried any Becca Cosmetics products???


  1. I never tried Becca Cosmetics products but this sounds truly amazing!
    Btw, I just bought YSL's new foundation and I really love it *____*

  2. thanks hun!! :D i check your blog a few hours before u commented and you hadn't updated yet ! This primer sounds great , I haven't even heard of the brand before..


  3. wonderful review love. I've been curious about this one and you've answered all my concerns :)))

  4. I have not tried this particular primer yet. Nice review!

  5. nice review you got here...never tried this before and this review is a great help!


  6. Thanks for your honest review about this Becca primer. Seeing that I have dry skin, this wouldn't really work for me, so thanks for the heads up.

  7. I'll have to try this. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. Becca is not common here in Nigeria but I am certainly dying to try it out. I am very weird combination skin and most times I don't use a primer but your review of this especially using it on different parts of your face is very informative. Thanks a lot for this.
    Lagos, Nigeria

  9. Thanks hun <3 I tried to find where to buy Isadora varnishes in the UK but I couldnt find any.. I've read somewhere that they found them in a department store like Selfridges or something.. :) xx Otherwise any Scandinavian country if you happen to be there lol.. xx


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