Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Red Fox' Tub O' Butter'

Hello Sweet Chicas,How r y'all???? Hope u doing great.
Today Im here to share this budget friendly  product which I have used for over 3weeks now&I must say this has become a staple of mine.  I loooooove it - Did I tell you I love it??????

Red Fox' Tub O' Butter is a Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Creme

It smells great, works great  and leaves my skin soft&supple..Do you know Soft and supple is so Sexy lol????

It is very affordable, it costs me £1.99  from my local beauty shop

*Helps relieve Chapping,Soreness and Roughness (best for both Winter&Summer)
*Also helps Relieve Tightness and Dryness
* Keeps skin Supple and Flake free
*Moisturizes and Softens deeply
*Great for use during pregnancy and after
*Smells great

The only disadvantage I found is that it takes a while to sink into the skin thus all

Red Fox' Tub O' Butter moisturising creme is a must have,I highly recommend to y'all my beautiful ladies

What Moisturizing Creme Are You Using????

Thus all my lovelies
Have a wonderful day
Please Take Care,Stay Beautiful&Blessed
Much love


  1. Would love to try it but we dont have that here in Norway :(

  2. Thank you so much, animal print is sexy :) I have a pair of heels that are really cute :)

  3. I remember seeing this cream in my house when I was a little girl but I never tried it. After reading this reviw, I will have to buy some because I need a good cream for dry skin for the winter.

  4. yes girl, soft and ssupple is def.
    No, I never even heard of this product. Thanks for sharing!!
    I use Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream. It is the best moisturizer I have ever used on my skin.

  5. awwww i wish we had this in the states. darn :(

  6. @Christine aww wish u could get the creme sweetie its a great product anyhoo I agree animal print is sexy lol

    @Tanya u should defo get it sweetie,Im sure u will like it

    @Tinuke thanks hun dont think we hav Cetaphil ths side

    @Raeven Marie aww thus a shame hun,Im sure u will find a great alternative

  7. Omg i've heard of this! I really want to try it but I have so many unused products that I really don't think buying another will be a good idea :( Even though I'm so tempted! xx

  8. @LipglossAndLeopardPrint thanks hun,maybe you could try it when u finish e ones u have lol

  9. My mom used this on me as a kid and it worked great, smells so god. I use it off and on every few years but you just made me want to pick up a jar! :)


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